Thursday, July 4, 2019

"Cafe Con Brio", the Customer Service Blog

Service with heart.

That's what "Cafe Con Brio" is.

A blog where you can laugh at my stories of how I was served and how I serve, and all the many cool ideas in-between.

Pretend we're just having a nice, simple cup of coffee and we're chatting the afternoon away, regaling each other with our funny stories.

My heart's too light for heavy stories.

I prefer sharing with you things that make me laugh.

How people try or not try to serve each other well.

And all the little, delicious details in-between.

Consider "Cafe Con Brio" (CCB) your best friend and guide on how we can all serve each other well from the bottom of our hearts.

Bottomless coffee would be a good idea, yes?