Saturday, July 6, 2019

The Customer Service Feedback Form

How are we serving our customers?

One good way to find out is through the "Customer Service Feedback" form.

Simply put, it's a small piece of paper which allows the interested customer to rate the service or establishment by answering the following questions:

-- Date Visited
-- Name of Customer
-- Name of Branch/Establishment
-- Name of Service Personnel
-- Quality of Service Provided
-- Other Comments or Suggestions
-- Contact Number or E-mail Address of Customer

That the basic structure of CSF forms.

It's a fun and simple way of knowing what your customers think or feel by how you have served them.

As customers, if we are pleased, we can ask for those forms and rate or commend a person who has treated us well.

If they had not, it's also a good idea to alert management of our own experience at their branch or establishment.

If you're a business owner, create simple, user-friendly forms and place them where customers can see and access them.

Brief your staff to invite customers to rate them, too, by using such forms.

It's all give and take in business.

We all learn from each other.

(Image by Melvin2007 from kisspng.)